Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank You for a great kick off show!

Thank you to everyone for a great kick off show at the Whiskey Bar 6/25. Make sure to note
our next show 7/23 starring music sensations: Lone Madrone and a bevy of beauties including
a debut of a tasseling trio act with Jem Beam, Kit Katasrophe, and ... your Miss Frankie Tease.

Special notes:

Thank you to all the performers who sang the Whiskey Bar opening song - you indulged us! It was hilariuos.

Thank You to the Rose City Rosettes for a splendid 20's Seaside Charleston Group Performance!!!

So sorry to Jacqueline Hyde. A couple days before the show we got word that she seriously
pulled her calf muscle during rehearsal. As a Ballroom Dance and Burlesque Professional, I'm
sure that this musn't be easy. We wish you a speedy recovery!

June Cleavage! Thank you for your hasty journey from Seattle to give us your scrumptious
teasing delights! So many people just loved your act, as did I! As one patron said, she is just radiant.

Lucky Lucy O Rebel! Thank you for doing your amazing Red Sox fan act - the perfect thing
for our summertime theme. Go Sox! Happy SF Sox series.

Jewels, those RPM's are unparalled. Thank you for continued amazingness in Midlle East Dance.

Tyger the Knife Juggler, thank you again for always performing with your shirt off, and juggling the knives.

DeManda aka Amanda Richards, thank you for your continued contribution to our show,
you round it out to make it what it is for well, almost a year now!

Tease Time thanks The Staff and Crew at the Whiskey Bar, you're just wonderful guys.

And to you patrons, thank you for supporting us! All ages over 21 were present - because

what type of person goes to see a Burlesque Show? EVERY TYPE!! And we want you all.

Be sure to join our mailing list for all the updates on upcoming events and shows, and keep

that 4th Friday 8pm time slot for us ya hear? See you  at the Whiskey Bar 7/23! Oh, don't ask why.

Miss Frankie Tease your host!

ps - want to get involved in the show? Drop us a line!

The Rose City Rosettes photo by Deidra Gwyther

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