Friday, April 16, 2010

Tease Time: A Modern Burlesque Show

For Immediate Release:

Tease Time: A Modern Burlesque Show has been around since March 2009, when Miss Frankie Tease created it at Crush Bar, over on SE 14th and Morrison - Portland, OR. Having sold that location out to capacity, the search began for a new monthly home, it journeyed to Holocene, to Someday Lounge, and has found its 4th Friday time slot, yet again at a new old venue "The Whiskey Bar", starting June 25th.  

The Whiskey bar is the old "Ohm" location where many of us saw great electronic music circa 2004-07? (when did Ohm close?), and the charm has been enhanced, the place swanked up, and the lighting and sound system are, amazing! The Whiskey Bar is a quick and easy find at the Saturday Market Max stop, literally. It has the nice large smoking patio, and a gigantic array of alcohol to select from, the whole gauntlet.

Tease Time found it's 200 plus venue and we need you to help kick it off right! We plan to bring the regular players of Tease Time back (almost all), including: Lucky Lucy O'Rebel, Angelique DeVil, DeManda, Eric John Kaiser, Boy & Bean, Miss Frankie Tease, Meghan Mayhem, with newer players: Violetta Beretta, Mike Menace, Ellie Darling, Lucky DeLuxe, June Cleavage, and many many more as they are unearth-ed!

Join the fun the madness and birthday bachellor/bachellorette party opportunity with us each 4th Friday starting June 2010 at the Whiskey Bar , Downtown Portland!

$7 - Online tickets in advance at

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